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Welcome Winter Sunset

On this site I'll describe myself and share my interests and ideas.

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My Favorites

Favorite Band or Musician: Eminem
Favorite TV show: Friends
Favorite movie: The Ring
Favorite book: Harry Potter
Favorite sports team: Kings (San Frisco)
Favorite food: Pizzia 

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My Hobbies

Writing Pome
Sing Along With CD

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Friends are there for every thing you do(good or bad).
No matter what it is they'll always have your back.
They will be there for you now and later.
They are there thruogh thick and thin.
Friends are for life.
No matter what.

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Most Admired

My Big Brother
My Little big sister
My next little sister
My two little brother
My very best friends
My favoritest person is my mom

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